President pays homage to Navadurga on final day of Badadashain

BHAKTAPUR: President Ram Baran Yadav on Monday paid homage to the Goddess Navadurga on the occasion of Kojagrat Purnima, the last day of 15-day long Badadashain festival.

Following the centuries-long ritual, the Head of State received Tika and Prasad from the Navadurga Temple's priest Julal Karmacharya.

On the occasion, President Yadav observed the statues of Navadurga Devgans and other deities at the temple premises.

Chief priest of the Navadurga's Devgans, Indra Bahadur Banmala, offered garlands and sacred threads in five different colours known as Pancharangi Dhago to President Yadav.

The President was greeted by Chief District Officer Toyam Raya, Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya, Local Development Officer Pashupati Babu Puri, Chief of Guthi Sansthan Leknath Sapkota among top government officials and local political leaders upon arrival at the temple.

President Yadav offered Rs 251 each as a Dakshina to each of priests, leaders and escorts.

The Goddess's escorts submitted a memorandum to the President calling on the government for allocation of necessary budget reasoning that their conditions was fragile.