Price list of textbooks for new academic session made public

Bhaktapur, December 5

The Department of Education has recently published the price list of school textbooks for the academic session 2017.

According to Ana Prasad Neupane, spokesperson at the DoE, the price list of textbooks from Grade I to X was published after approval from the Ministry of Education.

Neupane said, “The technical committee formed to determine the price list of school textbooks had recommended the list to Janak Education Materials Centre and the private press for 2017.”

The MoE has authorised JEMC to print and distribute school textbooks from Grade I to X, while the private press has been allowed to print textbooks from Grade I to V. Both JEMC and private press cannot charge more than the price mentioned in the new price list.

The price of textbooks for Grades I and II has increased, while the price of books for other grades has not changed much.

“From the new academic session, the government has decided to provide colourful textbooks to Grades I and II, therefore the price of books for these two grades has increased,” he added.

According to the new list, the price of a set of textbooks with five compulsory subjects in Grade I is Rs 270.60, for Grade II it is Rs 261.80, for Grade III it is Rs 158, Grade IV books cost Rs 205.25 and Grade V books cost Rs 222.25.

A set of five textbooks from Grade I to V contains subjects such as Nepali, English, Science, Maths and Social Studies.

Likewise, the price of one set of textbooks with nine subjects for Grade VI is Rs 409.20, Grade VII is Rs 457.20 and Grade VII is Rs 493.20.

Compulsory subjects in grades VI, VII and VIII include Nepali, Social Science and Population, Maths, English, Science and Environment, Computer Education, Profession, Business and Technology, and Moral Education.

Similarly, the price of one set of textbooks with six subjects in Grade IX is Rs 350.60 and Grade X is Rs 492.50. The compulsory subjects in Grades IX and X include Nepali, Social Studies, Science, English, Math and Health, Population and Environment.

The price list of technical, vocational and other optional subjects in Grades IX and X are different. Neupane also stated that the budget for textbooks will be released to the 75 districts on the basis of the new price list.