Professors to launch protest today

Kathmandu, November 22:

Democratic Professors’ Association Nepal (DPA-N) has decided to launch an agitation from tomorrow to protest increasing political intervention and left-monopoly of the government in the education sector.

Dr Kul Prasad Koirala, president of DPA-N, said they would protest the Maoist-led government,

which had been continuously interfering in the education sector.

“The DPA-N condemns the declaration of Finance Minister Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai to provide educational degrees to the PLA fighters. This will be an injustice to rest of the students who have acquired their degrees through hard labour,” he said.

“We will first withdraw our support to university’s administrators. We will judge them as per their performance,” he said, adding that the leading party has ruined the education sector.

“We had to resort to agitation because the government didn’t seem concerned about our 24-point demands.” They submitted their memorandum to the government on Sunday.

Dr Mohan Prasad Timilsina, general secretary of DPA-N, said the university was unable to function as per the prescribed norms and values because of increasing interference from the outsiders. “There are reports that original certificates are being sold to people who are close to those in power,” he alleged, adding that they have asked the government to form an investigation committee to find out the truth.