Purported four-point amendement proposal "unacceptable" to FA

KATHMANDU: Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman and Federal Alliance Coordinator Upendra Yadav warned that the agitating FA would not accept the Constitution amendment proposal if it was registered as touted.

The purported four-point amendment proposal prepared by the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led government bring could be a ploy to divide Madeshi and indigenous people, according to him.

“I have heard that the government has prepared a four-point amendment proposal. If that is true then we will not accept it at any cost,” he said, “ This will not resolve the problems.”

Speaking at the Reporter’s Club in the Capital on Saturday, leader Yadav said that the Constitution should be amended on the basis of the report of the State Restructuring Commission.

Arguing that the seven-province federalism could not resolve the problems of the country, Yadav demanded that the number of provinces should be increased.

Yadav claimed that the Federal Alliance did not demand citizenship for foreigners.