Quake victims’ data to be collected again in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur, July 18

Yet another survey of the earthquake victims of Bhaktapur is being conducted from tomorrow.

About 242 engineers, supervisors and social mobilisers have been assigned from the Department of Statistics to re-collect data for the survey.

According to Chief District Officer Tej Prasad Paudel, Department of Statistics has assigned 121 engineers and supervisor and 121 social mobilisers, who will help collect data for survey in six municipalities of Bhaktapur.

“There will be a group of social mobilisers which kas at least 10 members and that group will be assigned one senior engineer,” he said.

The survey will include victims who have held the card and those earthquake victims who were missed in the earlier survey.

“All the social mobilisers will undergo two days’ training on how to collect data,” said Paudel. For the completion of the survey, Department of Statistics had prepared a mandate to complete data collection work within 45 days.

“Reconstruction Authority also has completed preparations for re-collecting data in the 11 most affected areas. But this time the Authority will collect data of those who hold the earthquake victim IDs and the missed victims,” he added.

Engineers will observe on the map earlier pictures of houses and other necessary materials for the survey.