Question paper ‘leak’ riles M Phil candidates

LALITPUR: M Phil students of Kathmandu University (KU) appearing for their first semester exams claimed that the questions of Basic Statistics exam conducted today had been leaked before the examination. On condition of anonymity, the students said that they had found a hand written question paper in the canteen half-an-hour before

the examination started today.

According to the students, some officials of the university might have leaked the questions to some students a day before at the canteen. They said that the questions on the paper they had found were ditto to the question papers they had received in the exam hall today. A student said, “I was surprised to see the same questions while taking the exam.”

He further said that one of his friends still had the sheet of paper containing the questions and could submit it to the officials if required.

However, Mana Prasad Wagle, dean of the Education Department, KU, denied the allegation. “If the question paper was leaked before the examination, the students would have complained it to me. I have not received any complaints from the students or the teachers,” he said.