Rana flays govt for poor ‘law and order situation’

Kathmandu, March 19:

Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) chairman Pashupati SJB Rana said today that an election to a constituent assembly “might not be possible in mid-June if the government fails to improve the law and order situation” in the country.

Rana sought assurances from the government for the improvement in the law and order situation for a free, fair and timely” constituent assembly poll. “The government should assure the people that the constituent assembly elections would be free from intimidation,” Rana said at the Reporters’ Club. “It is for sure that chances of conducting the CA polls will be minimal if the government fails to make a drastic improvement in the law and order situation,” he further said, adding: “If the current situation continues, the country would head towards anarchy.”

Criticising the government for the “deteriorating law and order situation”, the RPP chief also called the government “incapable” in all respects.

He said that the “dominating attitude” of the eight political parties was the main cause behind the continuation of intimidation, extortion and demonstrations throughout the country. Rana mocked Nepal’s democracy as the “democracy for the eight parties, by the eight parties and of the eight parties.”