Kathmandu, June 29 :

Members of the High-Level Investigation Commission headed by former Supreme Court (SC) Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi today told members of civil society that they would examine King Gyanendra’s actions during his direct rule.

Civil society leaders Devendra Raj Pandey, Rajeshwor Acharya, Kanak Mani Dixit and Shyam Shrestha along with representatives of civil servants’ unions and local bodies met the panel members in the latter’s office.The members of the commission assured the society members they would not spare anyone who suppressed the people’s movement. “Though the panel members said they cannot recommend action against the King, they have assured us that they will examine the monarch’s actions as he was the chairman of the council of ministers,” a civil society member said.

“The King’s actions have already been annulled by the Supreme Court and as the House of Representatives has passed a declaration stating that the King can be questioned in a court of law and parliament, we have sufficient ground to investigate his actions,” Harihar Birahi, a member of the panel, told this daily. “We are yet to complete our investigation,” he added. The panel members told the civil society members that though they will not summon the King in the commission’s office, but would seek explanations from the royal palace if they feel the need to do so. The panel cited the Constitution of 1990 for deciding not to summon the King. The members said the King is still the head of the state. The civil society leaders sought action against anyone who committed mistakes during the King’s direct rule and expressed dissatisfaction over why the panel is yet to take action against any army officer.