Republic need of hour, says Rijal

Kathmandu, March 1:

A central committee member of the Nepali Congress-Democratic, Dr Minendra Rijal, today said that peace, non-violence, loktantra and supremacy of the people are possible only through the formation of a federal republican set-up.

Speaking at a programme on ‘Democratic Movement of Nepal and Subarna Shumsher Rana’, Rijal noted, “Subarna Shumsher had said both the king and democracy should go side by side.” “The scenario has changed now and the nation should embark on a new path,” he said. “As Subarna Shumsher used to say, we should respect the identity of others too.”

Kiran Poudel, general secretary of the NSU, called on all parties to adopt Shumsher’s political ideology.