Republic not possible through CA polls, says legal expert

Kathmandu, May 29:

Member of the Nepal Bar Association Tika Ram Bhattarai today said Nepal would not be able to establish a republican set-up only through the election of a constituent assembly.

“Even if 99 per cent of the participants in the election to the constituent assembly vote for a republican state, the verdict may not be implemented,” he said while addressing an interaction on “Dalit rights in new constitution” that was organised by Dalit NGO Federation here today.

When the Maoists with around 10,000-strong militia could create such havoc in the country, one can’t expect the monarch with an army of 100,000 to relinquish his power easily, Bhattarai said.

He said the major political parties should make their stance clear in front of the people before going for the the election to a constituent assembly.

“The government should go for the election to Constituent Assembly only after an agreement is reached on all agenda to be discussed there,” he added.

Bhattarai said a joint movement should be organised to secure the rights of the disadvantaged and excluded groups like the Dalit, Janajatis and women.

While presenting his paper on “Question of Dalit Rights in New Constitution”, advocate Tek Tamrakar said the new constitution should be committed to ending all forms of caste-based discriminations and also enact special laws to end such biases.

He said the new constitution should ensure special reservations for the disadvantaged groups not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, ensure proportionate representation at all levels of the state machinery, guarantee their right to social security, their right to work, rights at place of employment and also work to facilitate their settlement.

Tamrakar said the new statute should ensure that the Dalits get legal aid, uphold their right to fight against suppression and their right to economic freedom, among others.