Revision of Grade X course suggested

Madhyapur Thimi, August 5:

The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) under the Ministry of Education and Sports has revised curricula for six compulsory subjects of Grade X.

Hari Bole Khanal, executive director, CDC, said the CDC decided to revise the curricula in keeping with the changed context.

“We cannot drastically change the curricula until there is a political stability because the education system of all countries is guided by political structures,” he told this daily, adding that the revision of the curriculum is aimed at fulfilling the urgent need. The CDC plans to revise the curricula of 15 subjects. It has revised the curricula of English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Health, Population and Environment of Grade X.

“The draft of the curricula has suggested slight changes in contents of textbooks, taking into account the existing political and social scenario,” Khanal said. From this year, questions for the SLC exams will be asked from curricula of Grade X only.

“The revised curricula aims to help all concerned make question papers with ease,” he said.

The new curricula will retain only the facts related to monarchy.

It will avoid eulogising the institution in view of the changed context.

Once the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council approves the draft, the textbooks for the next year will be produced on the basis of the revised curricula.