Revision to grant provision for DDCs

LALITPUR: The Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) has revised the additional grant provision that is earmarked for the District Development Committees (DDCs)

under the Local Governance Community

Development Programme (LGCDP).

“We’ve revised it in order to make it more effective,” said Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, spokesperson for the MoLD. “This provision will be implemented from the current fiscal.”

The provision was introduced last year, according to the ministry. The MoLD has set criteria of minimum performance measure to provide budget under the LGCDP for the DDCs from the last fiscal.

“This time, only the percentage of the

grants has been revised,” said Thapaliya.

The criteria include approval of the annual budget, audit, analysis, transparency, operation of information section, internal audit, estimation of revenues, among others. According to him, 13 districts have met the criteria while eight others have fared bad. The MoLD has allocated Rs 855 million under the LGCDP.