KATHMANDU: A meeting of the House of Representatives held today has approved the proposal seeking deliberations on the Bill on 'Right to Employment'.

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista tabled the proposal that was unanimously approved in the meeting.

Minister Bista said that government arranged for the legal provision to ensure employment to capable and qualified youths.

Moreover, lawmakers stressed on creation of jobs in the country and ensuring an environment to attract youth seeking greener pasture as well as increasing investment in industries, energy among others sectors to create jobs.

Responding to queries raised by the lawmakers, Minister Bista said that the government aims to create jobs in Nepali soil and the target of providing employment opportunities in our own country can be achieved in few years.

Bista said that effectiveness of monitoring foreigners working in Nepal without any labour permit would also be enhanced, and foreign employment would be streamlined and made more effective.

According to him, the government would set up Employment Service Centres from the local level. Likewise, allowance for unemployment would be provisioned if unable to provide employment.

"The fundamental right to employment will be implemented by providing 100 days of employment if the government is unable to provide long-term jobs," shared the Minister.