Road expansion expected to end Chabahil traffic woes

Tika R Pradhan

Kathmandu, January 24:

Traffic congestion and accidents, which are everyday phenomena in the Chabahil chowk, are expected to haunt the chowk less once the widening of the one-kilometre stretch between Chabahil and Gaushala is completed. The plan is to widen the two-lane stretch, which has the width of 10 metres, to 22 metres. The Department of Roads, which began work some two weeks back, expects to complete the project within five months.

Sub-inspector Shyam Mani Pokhrel said overhead bridges and traffic lights have become essential at the Chabahil and Gaushala intersections. From 8 am in the morning, Pokhrel and his five-member team regulate vehicular movement along the road for twelve hours. The department will also install two traffic light systems at the Chabahil and Gaushala intersections next year. The intersections would also be widened.

According to Sunil Poudyal, an engineer at the Division Road Office Kathmandu, the road would be less prone to traffic congestions once it is widened. The bus park will be constructed at Mitra park. “If everything goes as planned, it would take some five months to complete the construction.”

The stretch, a part of the 27-kilometre ring road, lies in a congested urban area.

A compensation committee has been formed under the CDO of Kathmandu. All the constructions lying within 11 metres from the middle of the road would be demolished after compensating the owners. Around 10 buildings would be demolished at Chabahil chowk. A few more buildings would be demolished at the Mitra park.