RPP-N Chair Thapa blames 4 major parties for current political chaos

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) Chairman Kamal Thapa blamed the four major political forces for inviting ‘political mayhem’ due to their petty selfishness.

Speaking at the meeting of the Constituent Assembly today he urged the government to introspect rather than indulging in a blame game, further heralding unfavorable political consequences in the country.

He said that the current increasing public despair and ire regarding the constitution promulgation process and failure of the leaders to materialise the process had led the country to agitation.

Thapa, also the Home Minister during the last royal reign, argued that the incumbent government should make public those forces which were trying to sabotage the constitution promulgation process.

Mocking the Constituent Assembly (CA) members referring their role in the CA as an indecisive one, he asserted that the CA members had nothing to do with constitution drafting but merely nodding their heads in solidarity with the decisions made by the top four political parties.

Comparing the current CA with the then (bhardari sabha or the Privy Council) during the Rana-regime, Leader Thapa urged the top leaders to crush their ego for the greater good.

Similarly, hitting out at the statements of the Chairman of the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee that no deliberations could take place on religion, the RPP Nepal Chairman stressed the need that discussions should be held on every issues of the constitution.

Thapa asked the Chairperson of the Constitution Drafting Committee, KP Sitaula, "Who are you to say that we cannot discuss about monarchy bearing a history of as long as 240 years?"

He also underscored that the demands of a majority of Nepali people to reinstate Nepal as a Hindu State should be met and that the act of luring Nepalis to change their religion should be curbed.

He said that they are ready to resort to any alternatives if their demands are not met.