RTI implementation network must: NIC chief

Kathmandu, April 27

Participants of a meeting held here today at the National Information Commission regarding the Right to Information emphasised on the need to form an RTI implementation network.

Speaking at the meeting, Chief Commissioner of NIC Krishna Hari Baskota said that an implementation network that provided information to journalists so that the general public can exercise their RTI was necessary.

“A network between government and non-government institutions and journalists must be set up so that relevant information reaches the general public. The media plays a very important role in the implementation of the public’s right to information,” Baskota said.

A meeting to collect suggestion for an RTI training programme for trainers to be organised this year was held at the NIC today.

Information commissioners Kiran Kumar Pokharel and Yashodha Timilsina also reiterated the necessity of an RTI implementation network and the need of more RTI training programmes for journalists and media houses.

The National Information Commission was established in 2008 as an independent body for the implementation of the Right to Information as per the provisions of the RTI Act. It is responsible for the protection, promotion, and practice of RTI in Nepal. The Government of Nepal constituted the commission comprising one chief commissioner and two commissioners. Other NIC staff are allocated by the government.