SAC summons home minister over security

KATHMANDU: The State Affairs Committee of the parliament today discussed the latest security situation of country. Home Minister Bhim Rawal, Home Secretary Govinda Kusum and chiefs of 3 security agencies were present at the discussion.

During the discussion, committee members criticised the government for the deteriorating security situation despite the special security plan. The SAC also directed minister Rawal to prepare a work plan within 7 days to enhance the effectiveness of government bodies and officials that collect, analyse and disseminate information after and before any incident takes place.

According to SAC, the information collection, analysis and dissemination system of Nepal Police, Armed police Force and National Investigation have some loopholes. The security situation of the country is critical and the government should address it promptly. Some have complained that police has been ineffective to maintain the law and order situation due to the political interference

Similarly, the committee directed Rawal to initiate reward and punishment to police officers for their role to curb or allow space for the crime respectively.

The committee also directed the head of Nepal police to prepare a plan to make the organisation free from any political interference. SAC also concluded that work force related to maintaining the security situation should have high morale and for this new policy and planning is necessary.

SAC members also underlined the need to review the Special Security Plan. Unified CPN-Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said that security situation was miserable despite the plan. Sharma claimed that CPN-UML had distributed weapons to its cadres and it has threatened the security situation of the country. He said, “UML cadres are walking with the weapons and terrorising cadres of the other parties.”

However, Minister Rawal denied the allegation and challenged to submit proofs. But he admitted that there are loopholes in the security plan and that government was ready to review the plan.