Sajha Yatayat resumes operation

Kathmandu, April 24:

After a long hiatus, the only state-owned public transportation, Sajha Yatayat, resumed its operation today. The service was shut following the disruption of its operation by the former employees on November 24, 2006.

The ex-employees of Sajha Yatayat had been agitating against the service demanding that their dues be paid immediately. “Supreme Court dismissed the case filed by the ex-employees of the Sajha Yatayat paving way for continuation of its service,” administration officer of Sajha Yatayat, Ananta Poudel, said.

“Five Sajha buses were provided to Little Angels School on lease today,” acting executive chief of Sajha Yatayat, Basanta Ranjitkar, said. “Seven more buses are under maintenance to operate on the long route and Sajha Yatayat has already announced tender for operating public vehicles using its banner,” Poudel said.

Four microbuses were operating under its banner uninterruptedly even when the ex-employees shut the operation of other services including city transportation on the ring road operated by the Valley Swoyambhu Bus Service Committee.

“We are providing banner to the private parties to run vehicles throughout Nepal and outside the country,” Poudel said, adding that the selected parties can run vehicles under the banner of Sajha Yatayat even in Delhi, Kolkata and Benaras, among other places. As many as 95 employees are working for Sajha Yatayat.