KATHMANDU: Paramananda Jha, the Vice President, who has been in a state of suspended animation over his controversial swearing in Hindi, has been denied salary and Dashain expenses.

“I did not get the salary and Dashain expenses,” Jha told The Himalayan Times, today. Jha’s position had turned ineffective on August 30 after he failed to comply with the Supreme Court’s order. The apex court had then served an ultimatum to take fresh oath of office in Nepali, which he missed. Last year Jha had received extra salary as Dashain expenses, to mark the Dashain festival.

“The person who used to bring my salary and allowances earlier did not visit me this time”, Jha said.

“Neither I asked him anything about the salary and expenses nor has he visited me and informed me in this regard,” Jha claimed. Jha had preferred to remain ‘ineffective VP’ than take fresh oath in Nepali language on August 30. The same day, the government had decided to withdraw all the privileges enjoyed by him. The national flag and security personnel were removed from Jha’s private residence at Gaurighat for he failed to comply with the apex court ruling of August 23. Jha came into limelight for taking his oath of office in Hindi on July 23, 2008.

Taleju ritual heralds advent of Dashain

Bhaktapur: Bringing of the goddess Taleju from the Mulghar in Bhaktapur, the main residing place of the deity, to the Dashain Ghar, has formally marked the beginning of the great Hindu festival -Dashain - here on Friday. The goddess was brought to the Dashain Ghar at 8:15, this morning.

Narendra Prasad Joshi, Naikey of Taleju temple, told The Himalayan Times that they had the tradition of worshipping Taleju in Dashain ghar until the 10th day . Kumari, living goddess of Bhaktapur was also worshiped in olden days. Joshi also said that the festival ends on Ekadashi, the eleventh day, with a victory rally from Dashain Ghar to Mul ghar and Taleju is brought back to the original place. — HNS