Save Ganga Maya’s life: Rights activists

KATHMANDU: Rights activists have appealed to the government to save the life of Ganga Maya Adhikari who has been fighting for the last 10 years seeking justice.

Ganga Maya, who had earlier staged a 360-day hunger strike demanding action against the killers of her son Krishna Prasad, has again threatened to launch a fast-unto-death, saying the government ‘failed to fulfil its promise’.

Ganga Maya and her husband Nanda Prasad earlier had staged hunger strike together, but Nanda Pasad died on September 22 last year on the 333rd day of the hunger strike. Nanda Prasad’s last rites are yet to be performed and his body is still in the morgue of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

Rights activists Charan Prasai, Rashana Dhakal, Kanak Mani Dixit, Subodh Raj Pyakurel, Sushil Pyakurel and Kapil Shrestha today drew the attention of all concerned to the deteriorating health condition of Ganga Maya.

“In order to save Ganga Maya’s life and also to ensure justice in the case of Krishna Prasad, we request the government to immediately make arrangement for the transfer of Rudra Acharya, one of the accused, from Northern Ireland to Nepal to face trial,” the rights activists said in a statement, adding, “We demand that the court system put an end to the delaying tactics that have marked this case.”

The right activists have warned that the executive and the judiciary will be held fully responsible if anything happens to Ganga Maya Adhikari.

According to the statement, health of Ganga Maya is in serious and declining condition at the general ward of the National Trauma Centre.

She has lately become unable to take fluids from the mouth and has indicated her intention to re-start her hunger strike if the case is not taken up by the appellate court in Hetauda, reads the statement.

Ganga Maya has publicly announced that her fight for justice is now directed not only at the government, but also at the judiciary, which she says ‘has been dillydallying’.

Dr Swayam Prakash Pandit, Director, Bir Hospital, said that the heath condition of Ganga Maya is deteriorating as she has not eaten for the last nine days.