Save the Children sermon for parties on kids rights

KATHMANDU: Save the Children today expressed deep concern about the recurring phenomena of children being used for political purposes by some sections of the political parties in Nepal.

"We'd like to appeal to the political parties, civil society and all duty-bearers to uphold and advocate for their rights, including the prohibition on the use and misuse of children for political purposes," said Brial J Hunter, Country Director, Save the Children Nepal.

In a press statement issued here today, it also drew the attention of the Constituent Assembly members towards the violation of child rights.

"What the organisation believes is that the use of children in political assemblies or forward political agendas is wrong and is against the principles and values of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 to which Nepal is a state party," the statement said.

"Our appeal also goes out to the government — the principle duty bearer — to take concrete steps forward to distance its political activities from school environments and be vigilant on those parties engaging children," explained Hunter.

According to Save the Children, it is inexcusable for political parties and organisations to involve children in their activities.