SC admits case against NBA

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 8:

The Supreme Court office of the Registrar today accepted a writ petition against the Nepal Bar Association and its committees, produced by advocate Subodh Napit yesterday. The petitioner had claimed that the Nepal Bar Association and different committees under it had no legal authorities to investigate into the recent controversial verdict issued by the Supreme Court to acquit Briton Wordel William Robinson, who was earlier charged of being a drug dealer.

The petitioner sought SC’s stay order to immediately stop the Nepal Bar Association’s probe on the matter claiming that the probe carried out by the Nepal Bar Association bodies lacked legitimacy because the current constitution does not allow anybody but the parliament to look into the verdicts issued by the SC justices and that it tarnished the apex court’s integrity.

“It is against the concept of independent judiciary to probe into the SC justices’ job,” he argued.