Kathmandu, August 5:

Two officials of the Civil Investment Trust (CIT) and a debtor, who were serving jail terms on charges of corruption, were freed on bail after the Supreme Court said in a ruling on Wednesday that Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC) had jailed them without fulfilling the necessary criteria. The RCCC had convicted Nandan Hari Sharma, executive director of the CIT, and a senior official of the CIT, Sushil Aryal, on July 22 for allocating a loan of Rs 4.96 crore to Nisha Thapa, the debtor, without completing necessary procedure.

The RCCC had convicted Thapa for keeping her land at Putalisadak as collateral in three financial institutions, including the CIT, to build a supermarket in Putalisadak. Sharma had moved the apex court after the RCCC rejected his plea, in which he had appealed that he be freed on bail so that he can file an appeal at the court as a free person.

Sharma, who has spent a month in jail, was freed today after he deposited a bail amount of Rs 750, the amount for the remaining jail term. The three can now file plea against the RCCC verdict as free persons. The senior official of the CIT, Sushil Aryal, on whom the RCCC had slapped a month-long jail term for allocating loan to Nisha without carrying, was freed yesterday after submitting a bail amount of Rs 200. Nisha, who was also awarded a month-

long jail term, was freed on Wednesday after depositing the bail amount of Rs 225 for the remaining jail term of nine days. A bench of justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi said in a ruling on Wednesday that RCCC jailed them without completing necessary procedures.