SC moved against army officials

Kathmandu, May 29:

A contempt of court case was filed at the Supreme Court today against Lieutenant Colonel Rajendra Jung Khatri of Bhairavnath Battalion and the chief of the legal unit of Nepal Army BA Kumar Sharma, accusing the duo of providing the apex court with false information regarding the detention of one Chet Nath Dhungana.

Chet Nath’s brother, Dev Raj Dhungana, filed the case against the high-ranking army officials accusing them of submitting false written replies before the SC and declining to acknowledge his brother’s detention. The army detained Dhungana three years ago but his whereabouts is still unknown, Dev Raj said.

“According to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Dhungana had been held at the Bhairavnath Battalion. Deciding on the case, the Supreme Court had ordered the Headquarters of the Nepal Army and the chief of the Battalion to clarify the matter within seven days. But the army is yet to provide information about my brother,” the petitioner said. He said the UN rights body, OHCHR, had also reported on Dhungana’s detention by the army.

The petitioner sought maximum sentence against the army officials as per Clause 7 of the Supreme Court Act 1991, according to which, one may face up to a year in jail or Rs 10,000 in fines if convicted of the contempt of the Supreme Court.