SC told to fight corruption in judiciary

Kathmandu, June 3:

The Nepal Judicial Employees’ Concern Committee (NJECC) today called the Supreme Court to investigate and punish the corrupt officials in the judiciary.

“The Supreme Court should act seriously on the issues mentioned by the Global Corruption Report of Transparency International-2007 and the reports published in newspapers,” the NJECC said at a press conference today to make public the six-point declaration of the two-day NJECC conference.

The conference formed a new executive headed by Binod Adhikary.

“The apex court should think about how to deliver justice effectively and to keep the judiciary clean,” press release issued by NJECC chairman Adhikary, said.

The conference also called the Supreme Court to provide salary sufficient to manage their livelihood and demanded an additional 50 per cent of their salary as incentives because “they have been assisting the judges in delivery of justice.”

They also demanded housing allowances and sought security for public servants and stressed on the need to promulgate the Civil Service Bill and respect Trade Union rights as guaranteed by the Interim Constitution 2007.