Nepal Government has decided to shut schools for a month in urban areas in districts classified as most affected by the recent wave of coronavirus infection.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Monday morning made a decision to this effect, while recommending the schools to resort to alternative means of teaching-studying in this duration.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health were 'at odds' with each other with the latter recommending closure of schools owing to children's vulnerability while the former was reluctant to decide on the Health Ministry's recommendation.

Earlier on Sunday, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha had even gone on to ridicule the recommendations coming in from all quarters to close the schools keeping in mind the current situation. "Children are safer at schools than at homes. Schools need not be closed. Besides, who can guarantee that the kids will be safe at home?" Minister Shrestha was heard saying at a public event.

The Health Ministry on April 15 had classified 14 districts as Covid-19 hit areas, urging the people to follow safety protocols.