More schools to run technical classes now

Bhaktapur, May 24

The Ministry of Education is preparing to grant permission to new schools to teach technical and vocational subjects as part of its School Sector Reform Plan, which aims to provide various skill-based training to students so that they can join the labour market soon after completion of their school education.

As part of the plan, the Ministry of Education had introduced technical and vocational subjects in 99 schools in 71 districts from April 2013. The first batch of students from technical and vocational stream recently appeared in the Grade XI board examinations.

The Department of Education recently granted permission to 139 schools in 202 constituencies of 74 districts to impart technical and vocational education from Grade IX.

Ramraj Khakurel, deputy director, Technical And Vocational Education Section, DoE, today said from the ongoing academic year, technical and vocational education was being provided from 238 schools across the country.

A total of five subjects civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, plant science and animal science are taught in the technical and vocation stream.

While students from the general stream study eight subjects with a total of 800 marks, those in the technical stream study various subjects carrying a total of 1,000 marks.

“Though other subjects such as automobiles and hospitality management are also in high demand, we have not been able to grant permission to schools to teach these subjects,” he said, adding, “However, the curriculum for music studies has been prepared and it is being taught in a school run by a public trust in Gaushala.”