Scrub typhus case found in Bhaktapur also

BHAKTAPUR: A six-year-old boy in Bhaktapur district has been diagnosed with the scrub typhus disease recently. It is the first case of the infection in the district.

Dr Shambhu Dutta Joshi of the Bhaktapur District Hospital said the hospital diagnosed the child with the disease as he had recently visited the health facility for a check-up.

Scrub typhus is an infectious disease caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, an obligate intracellular bacterium, and is transmitted to humans from the biting of fleas, mites and lice.

Meanwhile, the dermatologist Joshi said the disease is curable. But it could claim lives if the treatment was delayed, he warned.

Continuous fever, headache, sweating, pain around eyes, tiredness, rashes around the neck are symptoms of the disease.

Chairman of the Bhaktapur Hospital Management Committee said the government had been providing free treatment and medication against the disease.

According to the reports, over 400 have been infected with the disease in Nepal so far and five have already died.