SC’s constitutional bench conducts hearings

Kathmandu, November 14

The Supreme Court today conducted its hearings in the constitutional bench after a gap of almost three-and-a-half months.

Thirty cases were listed in the five-member bench led by Chief Justice Om Prakash Mishra, but none of them were settled today.

There are 223 cases sub judice in the constitutional bench. In 18 out of 30 cases, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has been named as defendant.

If any member of the constitutional bench is out of town or on leave for any reason, the Supreme Court cannot conduct hearing in the constitutional bench and this was one reason why the apex court could not conduct hearing in the constitutional bench for months.

Lawyers have recently demanded revision in the rules governing the process of constitutional bench so that the chief justice could name alternative justices in the constitutional bench if any member of the panel is absent for any reason.

Some lawyers have even raised the question over the efficacy of constitutional bench, opining that a separate constitutional court should be formed to settle constitutional cases on time.