Second national robot contest on Nov 25

Lalitpur, November 6:

The Second National Robot Contest, Robo Shooter 2005, will be held at the Dashrath Stadium on November 25.

The Robotics Club of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University, is organising the event with the aim of facilitating the development of science and technology.

The event is expected to provide a platform for the students of engineering to share their ideas and contribute in the development of automation technology in the country.

“We are at a preliminary stage in robotics. This event will provide a platform for

the young engineers to share information,” Rajesh Kayastha, coordinator of Robotics Club, said.

“The Robo Soccer event last year has encouraged the engineering colleges to take part in the event this year. Events like this would help build confidence of the engineering students who have talent but are devoid of a platform to show it,” Kayastha said.

Suraj Karki, coordinator of Robo Shooter 2005, said contest would also provide entertainment for the general public.

“Nine engineering colleges have registered for the competition so far and we are expecting some more colleges to register,” Karki said.

“Last year’s soccer contest was comparatively easier for the participants. The participating teams need to construct programmed automated machines this year, whereas they only had to construct manual machines last time.The bigger challenge may be that these machines will have to perform during the contest and not under the ideal conditions for their operation,” Karki said.

The contest will help young minds to realise their potential through earnest effort.

In Robo Shooter 2005, each participating team has to design robots that play the sport of bowling. One team’s robots will have to bring down the opponent team’s pins by hitting them with tennis balls. The team hitting the maximum number of pins wins the competition.