Security chiefs brief House panel

Kathmandu, September 3:

The Parliamentary Constituent Assembly Election Management and Monitoring Special Committee today acquired information from the security chiefs of the central region on security measures and preparations for the November 22 CA polls.

Lawmakers have plans to visit all five development regions to monitor the security situation in the districts. The committee now will move to other regions, Speaker of the Parliament Subas Nembang told security chiefs today at a discussion programme held at the Armed Police Force headquarters, Halchowk, in Kathmandu.

Nembang highlighted the importance of CA polls to “protect the achievements” of the people after the success of the Jana Andolan II. He also stressed on unity among the eight political parties to hold the elections on the stipulated date.

“Unity among the democratic forces is a must to successfully conduct constituent assembly elections and it only can thwart conspiracies hatched by anti-democratic forces,” Nembang said.

Nepali Congress (NC) chief whip Ananda Prasad Dhungana said that the Committee would monitor each and every matter related with the CA elections.

Umesh Mainali, Secretary at the Home Ministry, suggested that law will be formulated to punish those involved in abduction.