Shakima Purnima celebrations today

KATHMANDU: People from the Newar community in the Valley are celebrating Shakima Purnima today. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Kartik.

On this day, food items made of different root vegetables such as colocasia, sweet potato, yam, peanut, potatoes are cooked and served. Women from Newari community observe fast to mark the occasion.

According to Padam Shrestha, a culture expert, root vegetables were believed to be very useful to protect human body from cold thus these vegetables were given high priority, especially during winter season.

Kartik Purnima is regarded as the last day for visiting four Narayan temples — Ichangu Narayan of Swyambhu Hallchowk, Shesh  Narayan of Pharping, Bishankhu Narayan of Godawari and Changu Narayan of  Bhaktapur.

Om Dhaubadel, another culture expert, informed that on this day, people also eat cooked maize, soybean and different other cereals. In Bhaktapur, cereals along with root vegetables and fruits are used to make idols of gods and goddesses.