Shoes mandatory for drivers, riders

Kathmandu, January 6

Putting on shoes while driving vehicles has been made mandatory for motorists and two-wheeler riders across the country.

A joint meeting of Traffic Police officials, the Department of Transport Management, transport entrepreneurs and the transport unions today decided to make it mandatory for motorists and riders to wear shoes.

A decision to this effect has been taken as a preventive measure to control road accidents. According to traffic police, drivers’ carelessness in wearing proper footwear is one among the many reasons for increasing road accidents.

Senior Superintendent of Police Bim Prasad Dhakal, head of Metropolitan Traffic Police, Singha Durbar, said, “Slippers often slip away from the feet due to sweat, which can be dangerous while driving vehicles, especially while changing gears or stopping vehicles.” He further added that the new rule was introduced in a bid to control road accidents.

Dhakal said they had formed a committee with representatives from the traffic police and unions to implement the decision.