Sitaula asks APF kin to help hold polls

Kathmandu, June 28:

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula today urged family members of the Armed Police Force (APF) personnel to launch a campaign for the successful conduction of Constituent Assembly polls.

“All security-related works, which the Nepali Army used to do, have been shifted to the APF,” Sitaula said while addressing a function here organised to mark the sixth anniversary of the APF Women’s Association (APFWA).

He said the families of APF personnel should encourage the APF personnel to discharge their duties, which include maintaining peace and security on the border.

“The nation is facing the most challenging situation in its entire history,” he said, calling on everyone to help make a peaceful, prosperous and independent Nepal.

He handed over scholarships to the children of APF personnel, sewing machines to the wives of APF personnel and letters of appreciation to the people for their contribution to the APFWA.

Talking to reporters after the function, Sitaula said that the CA polls will be conducted in a peaceful manner. The government will put adequate security arrangements in place for the polls, he said.