On-site cultural study conducted in Tokha

Kathmandu, November 25

A team of cultural experts and stakeholders together with the locals conducted an on-site cultural study in Tokha area in Kathmandu today.

The study was conducted in a bid to assist conservation of cultural aspects of Tokha with support from UNESCO. The research team has suggested that sugarcane farming is best for the ancient town that is famous for producing quality Chaku, a kind of hardened molasses.

Culture expert Dr Prem Kumar Khatri said the government should encourage sugarcane farmers to boost Chaku production in the area.

He suggested that the government provide separate land to local farmers for sugarcane farming. Farmers in the area annually earn around Rs 10 million each year by selling Chaku.

Tokha Culture Conservation Society Chairman, Maniraj Dangol, said many cultural activities and fairs, including Bisket Jatra, in Tokha were on the verge of extinction due to the lack of adequate fund to organise them regularly.

The study team also inspected Ganesh temple, Kumari and Sapantirtha pond, among other ancient landmarks, in the area. They also observed ‘Japha Bhajan’ in which hymns are sung in multiple languages, including Sanskrit, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa and Maithili, among others.

The study said Japha Bhajan was on the verge extinction for want of skilled human resources and singers.