SKCSN demand proportional inclusion

Kathmandu, January 8

Samyukta Khas Chhetri Samaj Nepal today warned of protest, if they were removed from the list of clusters for proportional inclusion while amending the new constitution.

Speaking at a programme held in Kathmandu today, SKCSN members said the amendment proposal submitted by Nepali Congress to address the demands of the agitating Madhes-based parties on January 6 will legally end the historical identity and seize the rights of Nepal’s indigenous Khas Chhetri and Khas Arya communities.

They said if the major parties tried to bring discriminatory law that deprives them of their constitutional and legal rights, the leaders would be acting against the changes brought by the second People’s Movement.

Maan Bahadur Thapa, president of SKCSN said, “We don’t want anyone to conspire against the rights ensured by the constitution.”

Complete inclusion and proportional representation of people from Khas Chhetri community on the basis of population, enlistment of Khas Aryas as indigenous people, creation of five provinces, probe into the citizenship distributed after 2006 by forming a commission, reinstatement of Hindu state, formation of Khas Chhetri National Commission, relief to quake survivors and allowances to senior citizens are some of the demands put forth by SKCSN.

During the programme, SKCSN senior vice president Shreeram Thapa; vice presidents Kamal Koirala, Naresh Katuwal and DB Karki; general secretary Tara Bahadur Basnet along with vice president of Brahman Samaj Nepal Rubaya Nath Koirala, claimed that the amendment proposal put forth by NC was not acceptable.