Sketch of Gauchan’s murder suspects made

Kathmandu, October 12

A seven-member special probe panel formed by Nepal Police to investigate the murder of Sharad Kumar Gauchan has prepared composite sketch of some suspects believed to be connected to the shooting.

Gauchan, president of Federation of Contractors’ Association of Nepal, was shot dead by two motorcycle-borne gunmen in Prayag Marg, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-32, on Monday. The culprits are still at large.

A member of the probe panel said that sketch of ‘a few suspects’ were drawn based on the statement and facial descriptions given by witness of the broad daylight shooting. Meanwhile, police have identified the registration number of the motorcycle used by the gunmen to flee the scene following the incident.

“The registration number might be faked by the shooters to outsmart the law enforcement agency and we are trying to establish the owner of the motorcycle through the Department of Transport Management,” he informed, adding that the investigation is heading in the right direction.