Smart system in SC in few days, CJ Parajuli says

BHAKTAPUR: Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli has said reforms in judiciary would be initiated to give a sense of change to the citizens.

At a programme organized in his honour by Nepal Bar Association Bhaktapur Chapter Friday, CJ Parajuli said substantial reform would be brought in the judiciary through rules and system.

Saying that the SC was planning to begin the smart system in some days, CJ Parajuli informed that details of the case, verdict, decision, and whereabouts of the legal practitioners could be noticed after downloading the court's app from the smart system.

Moreover, CJ Parajuli said that the bench in the SC could remain open till 8:00pm to reduce the number of 22,000 cases backlogged in the SC.

Justice Bhojraj Sharma, chief district officer Drona Pokharel, Senior Advocate Baburaja Joshi and other speakers expressed their opinions at the programme.