SMS greetings with political tones

Kathmandu, April 13:

Results of the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls have not only changed the course of political history; they have also changed the way New Year greetings are exchanged.

This year, with the fall of the NC and the UML, SMS greetings also included words of sympathy among the parties’ rank and file. Forwarding messages through cellular phones emerged as another method of celebrating victory.

One message that popped up on many UML cadres’ mobile phone sets seem to have tried to rebuild confidence among the party cadres. It read: Rajniti ma Thakai bhanne sabdawali hundaina: Madan Bhandari. (There is no such word called tiredness in politics: Madan Bhandari). Don’t worry, think of a bright future. Happy new year 2065 BS.”

One message passing through many people has put Maoist chairman Prachanda as a symbol of success. It runs like this: Lal Salaam comrade. Naya Barshako Prachanda Subhakamana!

Another message that popped up on many mobile phone sets in the capital seems to be celebrating the victory of the Maoists.

The SMS reads: “Happy Mao-year 2065. May u always remain YCL-Young, Cool and Lovely.”

With restaurants in the capital closed down as per the home administration’s request not to sell liquor, many people resorted to sending messages through their mobile phone sets to celebrate the New Year.

Capital youths, sending messages among themselves, dwelt on politics. Many messages eulogised Maoist victory; while others hoped for downfall of the Maoists.

“New day, new air, new aims, new goals, new hopes, new faces, new ideas, new slogans and the new success — Wish the dream of a New Nepal turn into new reality in this new year —Happy New Year 2065,” one of the messages read.

Another message sees the Constituent Assembly election as an opportunity to eulogise the Maoists and dethrone monarchy — Nepali ko jasto abhiman hos, Prachanda ko jasto san hos, Koirala ko jasto man hos, America ko jasto bhan hos, Abhisekh ko jasto ‘jaan’ hos, Gyanendra ko jasto abasan hos ani Naya Nepal hamro pran hos-Happy New year 2065.

One message that ran through among Nepali Congress activists and UML cadres’ cell phones read: Naya Barsha ko ashirbad le Gyanendra ko antya hos, Prachanda ko maran Hitler ko jasto hos ani Nepal ko democracy BP and Bhandari ko jasto hos — Happy New year 2065.