Socialist revolution in Nepal in 10 years: Dahal

KATHMANDU: UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Monday the Nepali society has formally entered the stage of socialist revolution.

The former rebel leader, who succeeding in becoming the country's prime minister after joining the mainstream politics and taking part in the elections, went on to claim that socialist revolution can happen in Nepal in coming 10 years.

He further portrayed the Maoist party as the only reliable force that can safeguard the national independence.

He was addressing a full meeting of the All Nepal Trade Union Federation, which is affiliated to his party, in Kathmandu today. He stressed on developing the trade union as a tool in the socialist revolution.

Coming down heavily upon his former comrade Baburam Bhattarai, who severed ties with the Maoist party and is campaigning for the formation of a new political force, Dahal said, "Baburam jee not only left the party but also gave up Marxism, People's War, martyrs, families of the disappeared and the class. He have betrayed all of them."

As the constitution making was the first priority in the past, according to Dahal, the party's organisation did not get proper attention. After the delivery of constitution, the party's organisational tasks have been kept on the top priority, he said.

According to Dahal, the party was clearer about its ideology, strategy and modus operandi now, and a three-month organisation cleaning campaign would be launched to put the party organisation in place.