SP wants prime minister to have executive power

Kathmandu, March 18:

Unveiling its election manifesto, the Sadbhawana Party (SP) proposed today that the country’s executive power should be vested in the prime minister and the “ceremonial” president should remain as the head of the state.

The document launched by the party chairman Rajendra Mahato here today states that the prime minister should be elected from party leaders through the majority in the parliament.

The ceremonial head of the state would be elected by the central and provincial legislatures, according to the manifesto of the Sadbhawana Party.

The Sadbhawana Party, one of the three constituents of the United Madhesi Democratic Front, which sealed a pact with the government for an autonomous Madhes state with right to self-determination, has called for restructuring of the state by taking into consideration factors such as geography, culture and languages.

“We have stressed on one Madhes state. There should be three states — Mountain, Hill and Madhes — which should be further divided into sub-states,” Mahato said.

He also said that his

party would begin campaign for the Constituent Assembly election with a slogan to fulfil the demands raised in the Madhes that has not been done since the past 238 years.