Speaker Gharti urges govt to take action against guilty of VAW

KATHMANDU: Speaker Onsari Gharti has directed the government to take action against those involved in violence against women and murder, saying serious attention of the Parliament has been drawn towards such incidents.

Speaker Gharti issued such directive in today's meeting of the Legislature Parliament, after lawmakers of different political parties demanded in the Parliament to take stern action against the guilty of violence against women for the past few days.

In the meeting, Arzu Deuba of the Nepali Congress said that although all the laws of the country are women-friendly, murdering the newly elected Dalit woman, Bayansari Kami, in Rukum district, is a sad incident.

Drawing the government's attention towards incident of VAW that took place at different places including Kohalpur, Solukhumbu and Gulmi, she demanded action against the guilty.

Similarly, Ramhari Khatiwada of the Nepali Congress also urged the government to extend the time for the registration of voters' name list as the Election Commission has set July 16-30 for the same.

Likewise, Rewati Raman Bhandari and Purushottam Poudel of the CPN-UML objected the move of Chief Secretary Somlal Subedi for getting recruitment at Asian Development Bank without tendering resignation, and demanded government's response in this regard.

Expressing sorrow over the demise of women due to various reasons, Sushila Nepal of the same party said that death of women in a Chhaupadi hut was the issue of shame for the country.

Lawmaker of CPM Maoist Centre Rekha Sharma remarked that although the state aims to help build equitable society, it was sad to see the recurring cases of VAW. Reasoning the lack of awareness on the legal provisions relating to women rights and legal consequences for the cases of VAW, She demanded a stern action against the culprits.

Similarly, CPN MC lawmaker Amanlal Modi also expressed his qualm over National Medical College and the Universal College taking admission of the students on the non-merit basis as opposed to the principle of meritocracy. He demanded action against those involved in the act.

Likewise, Rastriya Prajantantra Party lawmaker Kunti Kumari Shah argued that the formulation of women-friendly laws alone would not curb the VAW but also underscores the need to launch the awareness drive relating to it.

Nepal Labourer Peasant Party Prem Suwal drew the attention of the government towards the capital expenditure that stands at 45 per cent as well as towards the overseas trips of  as many as 1,492 government employees under the current expenditure.

Parliamentarian Rukmini Chaudhary demanded stern action against the murderer of the newly elected ward member in Rukum before she assumed office. She commented that the duration of the notice by the Election Commission of Nepal regarding collection of voter list for the province no 2 was too short and was limited to the administrations in the district level.