Spirit of yoga

Jharna Bajracharya stepped into the world of fame when she bagged the title of Miss Nepal 1997. She is now a respected figure in the Nepali movie industry and a meditation practitioner. She shares her insights on Yoga and how it has benefited her.

Yoga is....

In the present context yoga is known as purely physical movement. It is a practice where our mental, physical and spiritual self meet.  However, if we talk about ancient times, we will find a deeper meaning to it.

How did your journey in yoga begin?

It has been more than a decade since I have been practicing yoga. Spirituality had also been a part of

me and my family; In 1997 I wanted to walk the spiritual path. So for me, of the many different kinds, yoga it came in the form of mediation.

It’s a process which continues to leave me awestruck everyday.

How beneficial has it been for you?

It has transformed my perspective towards the world. It has made me calm, patient, and allowed me to be open about life. I am able to embrace the way things are, with a bright smile on my face.

Yoga as spiritual practice or yoga as body shaper, what is your take?

Yoga is a spiritual practice and cannot be otherwise, because one has to maintain discipline and an

ethical foundation to benefit from it.

Although Yoga does help shape your body I believe that it’s an additional benefit. When one does yoga to

be physically fit, in the process one will always embrace the spiritual path.

How often do you practice?

Yoga is a discipline, so I practice it every day.

What tools do you think are essential for starting a yoga practice?

There are two things take into consideration while practicing yoga:

• Firstly discipline is a crucial aspect of yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must follow the routine.

• One must know the basics properly; all the postures need to be maintained correctly, also you need to understand that just sitting in silence is not meditation. Yoga practitioner should understand the meaning of each and every posture they practice.