Stakeholders discuss human rights issues

Bhaktapur, September 3

Attorney General Raman Kumar Shrestha today said that it was on the current  government’s agenda to work on human rights issues in Nepal.

Speaking at an interaction ‘Clinical management of transitional justice and human rights’ organised by Human Rights Organisation of Nepal, he said, “Constitutional provisions regarding human rights need some amendments.”

According to the Truth Reconciliation Commission, more than 55,000 people have filed cases relating to human rights violation during the conflict.

Commissioner of Truth Reconciliation Commission Shree Krishna Subedi said, “Sadly, the government has not paid heed to pleas from the conflict victims.”  He informed that the government had neither helped any human right organisations nor taken steps to bring the perpetrators of human rights violation to justice.

Professor Surendra Karki at Tribhuvan University said, “Most of the Nepali citizens were in the dark about human rights as well as the legal remedy provided by the constitution. But even now when they are aware of their right to legal remedy, they usually hesitate to file complaint fearing retribution from the perpetrators.”

“The interaction was aimed at spreading awareness on human rights violation during transitional period,” said president of Human Rights Organisation of Nepal, Ram Krishna Manandhar.