KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Friday commented that both the state agencies and agitators of Madhes-based parties have violated basic norms of peaceful protests.

NHRC spokesperson Mohana Ansari said the NHRC monitoring over ongoing protest programmes over the draft constitution in 20 districts found that security personnel used maximum force to the extent it violated related national and international laws.

“It was found that security personnel used expired tear gas shells and lethal weapons to suppress the protests,” Ansari said in a statement, “Likewise, protesters also used home-made weapons, sutali bombs, petrol bombs and other explosives... it was found that they did not comply with their commitment of peaceful protests.”

The national human rights watchdog has observed that members of general public were largely deprived of various rights.

Likewise, deployment of army has created fear in public, according to the Commission.

“The NHRC, hence, requests the government and local administration to withdraw the army and protesting parties to raise their demands peacefully,” the statement reads.

It urged both parties to silt for talks and seek a peaceful solution at the earliest.