State must prioritise kids’ welfare: Speaker

Kathmandu, May 26:

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Subash Nemwang, today said children should be the first in the priority list to seek services of the State and the last to be affected by

the crisis the country might be going through.

Nemwang was speaking at Concern for Children and Environment-Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) Child Rights Journalists Award Ceremony held here today.

Speaker Nemwang gave away Child Rights Award to Sangeeta Rijal of The Kathmandu Post and Bikas Rauniyar of Kantipur for their outstanding contribution towards the promotion of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children and fight against exploitation of working children in Nepal.

He admitted that though the government is signatory to the international conventions on the child rights, they are not effectively implemented.

Dr Arjun Karki, chairperson of NGO Federation, said the media and the human rights bodies should move together to ensure rights in the country.