State stand on monarchy, says Dahal

Kathmandu, January 26:

Chairman of Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) Purushottam Dahal today urged major political parties not to think about going to the election of the Constituent Assembly unless the leadership of the parties are clear about the parties’ line on monarchy.

Addressing a discussion programme, organised by Kathmandu Dhading Forum, Dahal said that all the major political parties are facing problems from party activists themselves, which may cause hurdles in the process of the CA polls.

“You cannot imagine of going to the CA election with the same manifesto when, on one hand, Sujata Koirala and Govinda Raj Joshi are advocating for space for the king and on the other, Prakash Man Singh and Bimalendra Nidhi boast of making Nepal a republic,” he said.

He said the Nepali Congress is suffering from a division of opinion, which is harming the party and its legacy.

“On what ground the voters will cast vote for the parties when leaders are not sure where they want to take the country?” he asked.

He said though the party has shown theoretical unity, differences between the two factions have emerged more than ever before.

“The Nepali Congress needs a strong leader to unify the diversified opinions in the party. The party is going through a historic crisis,” he said.