Kathmandu, November 28:

A police team from the Metropolitan Police Crime Investigation Branch yesterday recovered a valuable idol, made of gold and silver, from the bank of Bishnumati river.

The idol was stolen from the house of one Laxmi Narayan Pode at Maitidevi on November 21.

Police said they were able to recover the idol working on a tip-off provided in a letter addressed to police and left in the house of Laxmi Narayan on Sunday night.

“The letter stated that they stole the idol after a businessman lured them to pay a hefty sum of money for the idol,” Keshav Adhikari, Superintendent of Police at the Crime Investigation Branch, said.

“We were given Rs 200,000 as advance to steal the idol. As we gave it to the businessman, he said that the idol was not as precious as expected and denied to pay us the promised amount. He paid us only Rs 80,000 instead of Rs 1.8 million as promised earlier. Therefore, we have dumped the idol on the bank of Bishnumati river wrapping it in a sack,” the police official said quoting the letter. Police, however, failed to nab suspects.