Kathmandu, June 12 :

Police today arrested eight students who were protesting in front of the Ministry of Education and Sports demanding that the government should shorten the time frame of submitting the probe team report on the selection procedures regarding students going to Bangladesh under the self-finance scheme.

The students were detained at the Ward Police Office, Durbar Marg, and were later released in the evening.

Another examination is scheduled to take place on June 17. The students said that justice delayed amounts to justice denied.

“By the time the report is submitted, it will be too late,” said a student. “Special provision should be made for the students who have already passed the examination and the government has nominated the students.”

The Education Ministry formed a three-member investigation committee on June 11 under the co-ordination of Dr Maheswor Khakurel, acting director at TUTH, to submit the report within a week.

The 10 government nominees to study MBBS and BDS under the self-finance scheme in Bangladesh were later replaced by 10 other students. The students have alleged the government and the Bangladesh Embassy of being involved in a “scam” and have been demanding action against the “culprits” and justice for those students who have become victims.

Meanwhile, the Embassy of Bangladesh, issuing a press release today, refuted the allegations. It stated that the Bangladesh government generally follows the merit criterion.

“This year also, Bangladesh selected top 12 Nepali students under the self-finance scheme from among 62 candidates forwarded by the Nepal Government. Therefore, Bangladesh not only maintains transparency but also fairness in the selection process within the agreed framework of bilateral cooperation in this particular field. Hence, the question of victimisation of the students does not arise,” stated the release.

“The embassy is limited only to transmitting application forms received from the Nepal Government while the selection process takes place in Dhaka. As such, there exists no underhand dealing in the Embassy,” stated a press release.