Students ransack TU VC office, torch documents

Kathmandu, November 18:

A group of students today torched files and documents concerning providing employment to part-time teachers in the government-funded Tribhuwan University.

“We torched all illegal documents and also locked the office of the TU Service Commission and also the office of the Vice Chancellor,” said Ramesh Thapa, the coordinator of TU Struggle Committee.

He said the students stood up against the government’s illegal and irrational decision

of giving employment to around 2,300 teachers just because they took to the streets and demanded employment without any competition.

The country’s oldest and biggest university now has up to 5,000 teachers.

“And 30 to 40 per cent of the teachers being employed are those who do not have

to teach at all because students do not opt for those subjects,” he said.

He demanded that teachers should be hired only through the legal process of seeking applications, giving written test and interview.

“We are not asking the university to hire us. We want to let the system rule. If the those teachers are hired permanently in the given positions, there will be no vacancy in the university for next 30 years. Where will we go then?” he asked.

He said the committee would intensify its agitation if the university management overlooked the demands of the students.